Functional Manual Muscle Testing for Bowen (FMMT4BWN)

Workshop aims:

Bowen Therapy remedial massage bowen training Brisbane Sunshine CoastThe main aim is to give the Practitioners a greater understanding of the human anatomy – more specifically in relation to identification of structures relevant to practical application of techniques/therapies. Giving an insight into to adjoining structures that are influenced by targeted movements.



Workshops available:

  1. Functional Manual Muscle Testing for the Lower Body
  2. Functional Manual Muscle Testing for the Upper Body
  3. Functional Manual Muscle Testing for the Trunk – Advanced + review

These workshops explore:

  • A deeper understanding of anatomy and muscle function to inform treatment protocols from a muscle balance perspective (including the potential effects of imbalance)
  • Fine-tuning procedure selection through muscular assessments
  • Optimal Bowen protocols to facilitate the best overall treatment outcome
  • Enhancing general knowledge, confidence and competence in performance functional muscle assessments in a clinical setting

In the workshops:

  • Revision of relevant Bowtech Bowen procedures
  • Introduction of new assessment tools supported by relevant theoretical material
  • Functional testing demonstrations and practice
  • Written assessment with continual observation and guidance throughout

Workshops: 2 days each (16 hours Category 1 CEU) – Prerequisite: Module 12

Next workshops scheduled to commence:

Noosa   22 – 23  Sept 2018     (Lower body)

Noosa   02 -03 March 2019   (Upper Body)

Adelaide  18 – 19 May 2019    (Lower Body)

This workshop is not part of the nationally-recognised training however it is Bowtech-accredited and eligible for CE points with Bowen Association Australia

Please contact Kristin for enrolment information: